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Be able to visualize changes to your home and garden with photo and 3D imaging software, via online meetings, with an experienced designer.



Whether you are interested in a few suggestions for a planting bed or a full CAD drafted master plan, photo or 3D imaging is available to enable you to visualize the finished result.



Perhaps you are planning to add shutters to your house but the house has just been re-shingled and the shutters need to be painted before being hung. Or maybe there is a specific door you are considering. Perhaps you are thinking ahead to ways in which the landscape will coordinate with the house colors. Let us know your concerns for your exterior home remodel and we will be able to customize your project accordingly.


In the example below, the client had already decided to keep the trim color white but wanted to explore house and shutter color combinations. During the process the eventual color of the new roof shingles, once they weathered, had to be considered.


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In this example, a small back yard, divided into separate outdoor living spaces, is rendered in 3D view. Proposed changes to the house are depicted as well.

Here, proposed changes to the house and yard are depicted in 3D view. The changes include house paint colors, a deck, new entrance, windows and door, fountain feature, paving and plants.



Choosing house paint colors can be daunting and overwhelming with so many colors and subtle variations available. Even professional designers have contacted us seeking help when it came time to choose and visualize colors for their own homes.


Often seeing what you don't like is as important as what you do. You are able to eliminate ideas you might have been entertaining mentally and focus on the appealing options presented in House Color Vizualizer.


For demonstration purposes, hardscape colors and plants have been added in Virtual House and Garden to the example below.


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Room Color Visualization allows you to view paint manufacturers actual colors on a photo of your room. In some instances, faux finish options and color combinations can be explored as well.


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